One Diamond clothing was created in 2013. The inception of the One Diamond clothing brand started just a few years after Prince Kerr created a local movement, writing and creating content from a blog website in 2011. The Idea behind the movement was that you could give up the unfulfilling life of societal illusion, namely, the conventional day to day that most conform to, yet are seldom satisfied with, to engulf into the more fulfilling life of being and succeeding as the most genuine version of yourself.

The movement quickly became the biggest and fastest growing movement in the local region, attracting thousands of followers and also encouraging action, individuality and self-expression in many neighboring communities.

In 2013, a great demand coming from a throng of Avant-guard, self-aware people provoked the movement into creating a clothing line. One Diamond started off with their legendary boxed flag logo t-shirt, which became an international seller, making the brand one of the fastest growing street wear brands of its time in the region.

In 2014, by popular demand, and without formal business training, One Diamond opened up a retail store in downtown Montreal, Ca with the help of popular local brands. Consumed by the idea that they were not really in the business of fashion, but rather in the business of saving lives by storytelling, the company begun to be “too popular” and Prince Kerr judged that people they were not being true by selling to thousands yet only having a handful of people that actually got the vision. They withdrew from a physical retail space in 2015.

In that year, One Diamond focused on restructuring and begun releasing their own video content started taking part in Montreal’s most popular festivals, such as the Mural festival, where they hosted a conference with speakers that included Lola Plaku and Zack Macklokovitch. At the end of that year of recalculating. The brand decided to test the waters in Paris, France, hosting events and learning the culture.

In 2016, The Brand came back with a better vision and idea of its place in the streetwear world. One Diamond started hosting unique events and Pop up shops in Montreal’s most popular underground venues. The company began releasing collections such as “The Cruel World” which in every way personified the narrative of the brand by including a lot of relevant content.

In 2017, One Diamond partnered up Montreal’s Mural Festival to host an event at Apartment 200 for their collaboration with the infamous illustrator, PONY.

The brand, still represents Being true, vowing to stay true to its roots, by representing that forever.

One Diamond's objective is to grow and spread our vision internationally to all in need of a reminder to live true to themselves. One Diamond creates “solution-based” garments, the kind of clothes anyone can throw on without putting too much thought into it, yet is filled with meaning and expression. We want to bring confidence and comfort to whoever is wearing it. With this brand, we aspire to become new leaders of the fashion industry and doing so by including and sharing our narrative.

isn’t just a clothing brand, it is also a way of being. We thus strive to help sustain this way of being by giving back to communities and organizations to encourage this way of life. We have held fashions shows for Haitian earthquake relief as well as basketball tournaments for violence stricken communities. We aim to continue to grow and evolve becoming a brand the world’s disparate youth can count on.

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