Choose, Believe, Become. We are the future today.

Welcome to One Diamond Nation. This moment in time will prove to be beneficial for you as part of the One Diamond Nation, but also for the One Diamond Nation as the whole for which you have become a part. We are complete with every new addition, however, this nation is greater than the sum of its parts. With every new addition, we reach a new height of completion, because it is through unity that greatness beyond the imaginable is achieved. We come together in unity of conviction that the key to fulfillment is to Choose, Believe, Become, Be True to you.

Choose – In this world of 7 billion, it is said that 40% of us will live the aching pains of loneliness at some point in our lifetime.We choose to break away from common molds that attempt to dictate who we should be, as together, we move towards who we truly are. In this moment, as we break away, we break free and a collective of freedom to be who we truly are is created though a conscience decision to reject the mold. In a changing world that fights to hold on to conformity, sameness, structure, tradition and exterior perfection against the current state of humanity. We choose to embrace what is real, innovation, uniqueness, diversity and interior excellence in direct response to the physical reality we face as humans, from the first world to the third world. We strive to reconcile the disconnect between true self, the image of self that we portray and society’s mold that attempts to dictate the self we ought to be. The process begins from within, the process begins with a choice. A conscious decision to be true to you and the formation of an environment, the nation, that is favorable to the development of your true self.


Believe – The hope of the One Diamond Nation rests in the fact that we believe that the true you is more invested in the hard work of waging justice than into the ease of resorting to the quick impulse of selfishness. Your are more interested in the greatness that exist beyond the gates of becoming your true self than in lies corruption and in conforming to a mold that is alien to you. You are more eager to experience the progress that comes by not holding down any segment of society but by holding up the rights of every human being, regardless gender, status, culture, religion or race – because we are one human race. You care less about the world as it has been and more about the world as it can be.


Become – Today, we have the power to become this truth. You can break free of the mold. The technology at your disposal means that you don't have to wait for the change to occur. You have the power to create your freedom. Create it in your own powerful and innovative ways. Many of you already have. Some by starting your own enterprise and others, by being a contributing factor to the establishment of enterprises run by others and therefore contributing to the actualization of self into reality.

And we are going to single out Prince Kerr as an example who stands here with us today. He is a living example of what is possible even in the most difficult of circumstances. In the early stages of creating his Brand, Prince Kerr was stabbed twice in the head and was told that ,based on the wounds he should be either dead or blind. He had the choice to either recoil and go in hiding, or to speak out and become. He is today the founder of One Diamond bourgeoisie and a network promoting to be true to you. Providing people some sense of real power through the garments they wear. That's the power of just one person, that is the power of you, One Diamond Nation.Connecting with each other and becoming the tools we need to become the united world we want to see.


Choose Believe Become. Join Us.

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