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This past weekend One Diamond took us back to school with their three-day Montreal showroom presentation. One Diamond presented a capsule collection of 4 pieces with the phrase “I Don’t Feel U” across the chest — Prince Kerr, founder of One Diamond, states: “The catch phrase highlights the feeling of disconnect that most people searching and finding themselves feel with the world around them when they no longer relate to the systems most of the ‘free’ are used to.”

With this ideology in mind, Prince wishes to create a public space where individuals from all ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures and sexualities could celebrate their individuality. In order to create this environment, the showroom was sectioned off into the many public spaces of a high school; an auditorium, a classroom, a music room, and a cafeteria. The idea behind this concept stems from One Diamond’s ideological mold — “staying true to oneself despite the impeding influence of world systems.”

Education was the chosen medium to convey this message as it is in the classroom that many individuals often compare themselves to their peers, whether that be academically, physically or emotionally. With this in mind, the capsule collection aimed to represent a reminder that many people feel alone or disconnected with the world around them.

One Diamond wishes to break these existing barriers and create an environment where individuals could feel celebrated from their differences rather than feel diminished. In the end, visitors left the presentation feeling engaged by the environment, many noting the large quote “Darkness Before Light” written across the walls of the showroom; a quote which serves as a reminder to individuals that feel lost and tormented by their disconnection with the world around them, that they should have faith in the process and believe that the best days are ahead.



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