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On Friday May 13th 2016, Montreal got together to celebrate One Diamond’s CEO Prince Kerr's birthday. On this eerie occasion, One Diamond chose to host its very first event at the legendary Blue Dog Motel, a place known for its positive ambiance and great drinks mixed by Bruno Miguel and Posse.

The night started early as people lined up in excitement and curiosity to experience what a One Diamond event's "vibe" would be like. Greeted by our Almighty One Diamond Nation banner at the entrance, the eager audience stepped into a cozy space characterised by wooden décor. On the walls, One Diamond projected captivating and intriguing brand related images, such as the Diamond Life Flag and Embassy. The crowd was characterised by hundreds of young revolutionary people coming from all over the world, enjoying their drinks sitting on little wooden tables, their faces lightened up only by candlelight.

Friday May 13th 2016 was to become the most legendary and memorable night of the year. With the perfect ambiance, the perfect people, the perfect sound, provided by some of Montreal's most infamous Dj's, this was definitely "THE" night to remember. Very special appearances and guests came together to show that one can succeed, simply by being true to yourself.

Enjoy the pictures and video below!

Very special thanks to the Honorable Nate Husser from The Posterz , the super hyped Jamvis and the entire thug mansion family (ty express, dj alta , deus god ) #Salute

Big Salute to One Diamond Nations Jackob Jow , Salute trill.o.sapien for the visuals , Salute Amideluxe. #Salute Anthony Perreira for the support

photos by : @horuseye angelphotography (fb)


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