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A new installment to the excitement of summer ’16 brought to you by One Diamond.

This year, joining Montreal’s Mural festival which housed approximately 2 million local and international festival goers, One Diamond decided to play their part and brought forth an amazing combination of art, music, and dance.

On Friday June 17th 2016, One Diamond left festival attendees in awe as a digital art gallery was presented on the walls of St-Laurent Boulevard. The purpose of the event was to give artists all around the world an opportunity to be a part of Montreal’s youth staple event, the Mural Festival, by the great people at LNDMRK company.

Out of the many artist work that where submitted, a select deserving outstanding talent where given the opportunity to have their One Diamond inspired art piece projected on the buildings, as Murals, in Honor of the 11-day Festival. 

To celebrate, we had Montreal’s superwoman, DJ MLB, set the mood right. Followed by ground and crowd shattering sets from Montreal’s most prominent underground sound, the Thug Mansion Family, lead by Nate Husser from The Posterz.

The party could not have been what it was without Montreal’s own DJ jåmvvis who brought the heat along with one of Montreal’s best up and coming DJs, the young Jester, one to watch out for.

One Diamond once again, and as always, gave the people a night to remember at Blue Dog Motel.

Stay tuned for more information about our special sneak peak event happening on the 22nd of July 2016.

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